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Sun Plaza is an Asian shopping mall that hosts 20 plus shops catered to families, adults, and teenagers.
Groceries: Shoppers can purchase fresh wholesale seafood, meats, and produce at the Asian Live Seafood Supermarket. Snacks and More: Looking for something quick? Check out Sno-Crave Tea House’s weekday happy hour $2.99 drink special, shaved snow, cold/hot teas, milk teas, and honey toast ice cream. Or Soyful Dessert’s offerings of Vietnamese style soy and egg puddings and soymilk teas. Other snack spot highlights include Boba 21 Milk Tea Shop, Vua Kho Bo & O Mai Snack Shop, Vietnamese-French Hong-Van bakery, Duc Huong Gio Cha for sausage and meats. Restaurants: If you’re hungry check out Pho 21 (open until 2AM Thurs-Sat), Cao Nguyen (Vietnamese/Thai), or Que Huong Vietnamese/Chinese Fast Food) for a tasty culinary experience. Cosmetics & Apparel: Stay trendy and feel good with U.S. Beauty and Nail Supply (wholesale OPI $5.50), Shiseido, Kanebo Beauty Clinic (facials, makeup, and tattoos), Tracey's Gift Store (perfumes, fashion accessories, gifts), and Diana Fashion (clothing). Additional stores: Sun Pharmacy, Sun Dental, CP Tax Service, Kangen Water Purification, Alvin Water Store, Hao Lan Services (cargo shipping and money transfers), Vien Tien DVD/movie rentals and travel service, Top Haircut, and Thanh wholesale jewelry & repairs

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Sun Plaza

Sun Plaza San Jose Has over 20 Stores

Asian Live Seafood (B 1)
P: 408-223-0458
US Wholesale Beauty & Nail Supply (A 10)
P: 408-274-3862
Kanebo Clinic (A 9)
P: 408-238-2222
Shiseido (C 3)
P: 408-270-4107
Tracy's Gift Shop (A 5)
P: 408-300-0841
Diana Fashion (A 6)
P: 408-531-8845
Vu Kho Bo & O Mai (A 8)
P: 408-531-8845
Thanh Jewelry Repair (A 15-1)
P: 408-515-3694
Kangen Water For You (A 15-2)
P: 669-234-7682

Pho 21 & Boba 21 (C 9)
P: 669-275-9099
Sno-Crave Tea House (C 5)
P: 669-234-7044
Que Huong Fast Food (A 1)
P: 408-532-1190
Soyful Desserts (C 8-2)
P: 669-234-7550
Cao Nguyen (A 16)
P: 408-270-9610
Asian Live Seafood Market (B 1)
P: 408-223-0458
Hong Van Bakery (B 11)
P: 408-223-8582
Duc Huong Gio Cha (C 1)
P: 408-532-1190

Sun Pharmacy (B 10)
P: 408-532-1490
Sun Dental (C 6-1)
P: 408-622-5677
Sunny Alterations (C 6-2)
P: 669-234-7550
Hong Lan Services (A 3)
P: 408-223-8588
Kanebo Beauty Clinic (A 9)
P: 408-238-2222
K-Top Cut Hair Salon (A 12)
P: 408-532-7088
Thanh Jewelry Repair (A 15-1)
P: 408-515-3694
Kangen Water For You (A 15-2)
P: 669-234-7682
Alvin Water (B 9)
P: 408-531-1514


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